Single Cell


The Single Cell Unit aims to provide scientific services to the Josep Carreras Institute community and is equipped with cutting-edge technology to apply single-cell technology to basic and translational genomic and transcriptomic studies. Single Cell approaches allow us to identify cell populations that are impossible to isolate with less resolute technologies previously used, such us bulk sequencing, allowing to characterize cell populations and thus identify differences at the genetic and phenotypic level within tumor tissues.

These techniques can, therefore, reveal the cellular heterogeneity of tumors and help identify cells resistant to standard treatments or more prone to proliferate.


ChromiumTM Controller (10x Genomics):

  • Single-cell RNA-seq (gene expression)
  • Single-cell RNA-seq (gene expression) + Feature Barcoding
  • Single-cell Immune profiling (GEX 5’ + TCR/BCR)
  • Single-cell ATAC-seq
  • Single-cell Multiome (ATAC + GEX)

Spatial Transcriptommics (10X Genomics):

  • Visium Spatial Gene Expression for Fresh-Frozen (FF) tissues
  • Visium Spatial Gene Expression FFPE tissues
  • Visium CytAssist Spatial Gene Expression for FF & FFPE tissues

Tapestri Platform (Mission Bio):

  • Single-cell targeted DNA-seq (mutation analysis)
  • Single-cell targeted DNA-seq (mutation analysis + CNV analysis)
  • Single-cell DNA-seq + cell-surface protein analysis
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