The InstiCIÈNCIA program is a framework for high schools to visit the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute and meet our researchers, discover our facilities and get a glimpse of the research developed here. We are confident that, being here and experiencing the thrill of research, help students confirm their passion for science and encourage them to pursuit science careers.


How to explain the basic concepts used by the institute’s researchers to everyone? The Communication Unit of the Josep Carreras Institute develops and presents workshops and talks to the lay people, regardless of their age, about biomedicine, cancer research and basic science. Our wide repository of workshops, each fully available, with a full description and materials list, are easy to recreate in the classroom or anywhere and are designed to help increase science literacy, so people can make informed choices in the future.


The online channels of the institute have been taken over by our buddies POP!Ciencia. They are fresh, young and slightly troublemakers, but they know how to explain the basic science concepts to the youngest among our audience and we are fond of them for that. POP!Ciencia are a party made by a B and a T lymphocytes and a DNA molecule that, we promise, will make your day.