Hematological diseases, transplant, and cell therapy


Myeloid neoplasms

Population studies and clinical trials

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IJC Sant Pau


Our Research

Our research focuses on the molecular and cellular physiopathology of blood cancers, particularly on acute myeloid leukemia (LMA) and chronic lymphatic leukemia (CLL) where we seek to find new treatment options targeting molecular features. Also, we study the prognostic value of clinical and biological features in malignant hemopathies, like LMA and CLL.

We study the transplant of hematopoietic progenitors and its complications and develop new academic CAR-T cells enriched in T-memory stem cells to treat T and B Hodgkin lymphomas.

Our Goals

The main goals of our research are:

  1. Identify new prognostic parameters for risk and therapeutic stratifications.

  2. Molecularly characterize acute myeloid leukemia and determine the prognostic value of known genes and other genes of uncertain significance.

  3. Evaluate targeted therapy in cell lines and animal models (together with Dr. Mangues’ group).

  4. Reduce toxicity and increase the availability of allogeneic transplants.

  5. Preclinical (mouse) and clinical studies on immunotherapy for lymphoproliferative diseases. Development of non-commercial CAR-T cell therapies.

Our Challenges

It is paramount that we improve the prognosis of hematological patients by using new more precise therapies, and less toxic. Therefore, through our research, we aim to:

  1. Improve the genotypic and immunophenotypic characterization of AML and CLL, to identify new prognostic factors and administer targeted therapy.

  2. Improve the safety and effectiveness of hematopoietic transplantation and expand the number of patients who can benefit from it.

  3. Develop new CAR-T products that enhance the currently commercially available ones.