Board of Trustees


  • Excm. Mr. Josep Carreras Coll*

First Vice-president

  • Minister for Health, Generalitat, Government of Catalonia 

Second Vice-president

  • Minister for Research and University, Generalitat, Government of Catalonia 


  • General Director of Research of the Ministry of Business and Knowledge for the Generalitat, Government of Catalonia
  • General Director of Health Planning, Generalitat, Government of Catalonia
  • Sub-Director General for Research and Innovation, Ministry of Health, Generalitat, Government of Catalonia
  • Managing Director, Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO)
  • Managing Director Northern Metropolitan Territory; Catalan Health Institute
  • General Director of Knowledge Transfer at the Universities and Research Department.
  • General Director, Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI)
  • Research Director Hospital Clínic, of IDIBAPS and the Clínic Foundation for Biomedical Research
  • President of the Management Commission, Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute
  • Treasurer, International Josep Carreras Foundation
  • Trustee, International Josep Carreras Foundation
  • Mayor of Badalona
  • Rector of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
  • Rector of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB)
  • Vicerector for Research of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
  • Vicerector of Research at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB)


  • Director of the Institution CERCA of the Generalitat, Government of Catalonia

* President for Life