Salvador Macip


Dr. Salvador Macip is a researcher with an extensive and internationally recognized career, as well as one of the best Catalan science communicators, a regular contributor to various media and author of 40 books on science and narrative. With a degree in Medicine in 1994 and a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Human Physiology in 1998 from the University of Barcelona, Dr. Macip has devoted his career to the study of cancer and ageing in prestigious institutions such as Mount Sinai Hospital in New York or, since 2008, at the University of Leicester, where he is a professor and continues to work today. In 2020 he joined the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, where he was appointed Professor and recently Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences. in 2023, Dr. Macip joined the Josep Carreras Institute in the framework of an institutional collaboration agreement with the UOC, where he leads the Research Group "Mechanisms of Cancer and Ageing (South)".