Clinical Perspectives in Epitranscriptomics

Santos-Pujol E, Quero-Dotor C, Esteller M.

Curr Opin Genet Dev

Epitranscriptomics, the study of reversible and dynamic chemical marks on the RNA, is rapidly emerging as a pivotal field in post-transcriptional gene expression regulation. Increasing knowledge about epitranscriptomic landscapes implicated in disease pathogenesis proves an invaluable opportunity for the identification of epitranscriptomic biomarkers and the development of new potential therapeutic drugs. Hence, recent advances in the characterization of these marks and associated enzymes in both health and disease blaze a trail toward the use of epitranscriptomics approaches for clinical applications. Here, we review the latest studies to provide a wide and comprehensive perspective of clinical epitranscriptomics and emphasize its transformative potential in shaping future health care paradigms.

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