Paolo Petazzi

Position at Josep Carreras Institute:

Postdoctoral Investigator


+34 935 572 810Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute Laboratory
Ala Sud, Sector 2, Planta 2
Facultat de Medicina Universitat de Barcelona
C. Casanova 143; 08036 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 557 2810

Campus Clinic-UB


PhD in Biomedicine. University of Barcelona (2015)

MSc in Molecular Biotechnology. University of Bolonia (2009)

BSc in Industrial Biotechnology. University of Verona (2006)

During my PhD, I was dealing with a challenging protein such as MeCP2 whose loss of function results in a neurological condition called Rett syndrome. I focused on the transcriptional dysregulation provoked by loss of MeCP2 in long non-coding RNAs and Immediate-early genes.

Later on, in Dr. David Monk’s lab, I worked on epigenetic reprogramming at imprinted loci. To achieve this we took advantage of a dCas9-mediated system targeted to the imprinted genomic regions associated with known diseases (i.e. Angelman and Prader-Willi syndromes).

My current project is focused on studying the transcriptional signals acting during human stem cells (both ESCs and IPSCs) differentiation that lead to in vitro and in vivo multi-lineage haematopoiesis.

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