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Andrea Espasa, Silvia Torrents, Cristian Morales-Indiano, Laura G Rico, Jorge Bardina, Agueda Ancochea, Àngel Bistué-Rovira, Rosa Linio, Minerva Raya, Sara Vergara, Jordi Juncà, Joan-Ramon Grifols, Jordi Petriz, Maria-Gloria Soria, Marc Sorigue

Diagnostic performance of the ClearLLab 10C B cell tube

Cytometry B Clin Cytom . 22 Sep 2020, .
Introduction: Pre-analytical and analytical errors can threaten the reliability of flow cytometry (FC) results. A potential solution to some of these is the use of dry, pre-mixed antibodies, such as the ClearLLab 10C system. The purpose of the present study was to compare the diagnostic performance of the ClearLLab 10C B cell tube with that of our standard laboratory practice. Methods: We compared the diagnoses made with the ClearLLab 10C B cell tube (experimental strategy) with those made with standard laboratory practice (standard strategy). Samples were selected aiming for representation of the full spectrum of B cell disorders, with an emphasis on mature B cell malignancies, as well as healthy controls. Results: We included 116 samples (34 normal controls, 4 acute lymphoblastic leukemias, 54 mature lymphoproliferative disorders in peripheral blood and bone marrow, 3 myelomas, 6 bone marrow samples with involvement by lymphoma and 1 with elevated hematogone count, 14 lymph node samples, 1 cerebrospinal fluid, and 1 pleural effusion). There were two diagnostic errors (1.7%). The agreement between the two strategies in the percentage of CD19 cells and fluorescence intensity of CD5, CD19, CD20, CD200, and CD10 was very good. Conclusions: In this study, the ClearLLab 10C B cell tube performed similarly to our standard laboratory practice to diagnose and classify mature B cell malignancies.
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