2018 November 14

The Institute opens its doors as part of the Can Ruti Campus Open House organized for National Science Week

Today over 200 students from 7 centres in Badalona studying the technical or scientific baccalaureate, or vocational training course in healthcare visited the Can Ruti Campus.  This year some of our young researchers took part in guided tours and a workshop, as part of the event.

The visit started in the auditorium of the Germans Trias Hospital with a welcome from the director of the IGTP, Dr Manel Puig.   Using practical examples and appealing directly to the more than 200 high school students, he explained the scientific method, all the resources needed to carry out research, the importance of teamwork and interdisciplinary collaborations and above all highlighting the vocational part of both medicine and research.   Dr Antoni Bayés, Head of Cardiology and leader of the Cardiovascular Disease Research Group at the institute continued with a talk on some of the group’s lines of research.  Both speakers have stressed that not all cutting edge research takes place abroad, but that in fact it can be just a bus ride away.

After the talks, a wide range of activities were coordinated by the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute.   In total, along with the IJC six other research centres and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona took part.

New activities this year included workshops on statistics in clinical trials and bioinformatics and the analysis of big data, some of the most sought after skills in modern research. At the IJC one of these workshops took place and Olga Garcia, a statistician on the Harmony research project funded by the European Commission explained the work of statisticians in biomedicine.  Other scientists from the laboratories included Michael Maher, also from a European project (CHR136) showed students work on aspects of epigenetics in acute myeloid leukaemia. Several other groups also visited laboratories to see the work going on there.

In all a total of 25 young scientists have taken part in this year’s edition of the event on the whole campus.