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Rioja-Blanco E, Arroyo-Solera I, Álamo P, Casanova I, Gallardo A, Unzueta U, Serna N, Sánchez-García L, Quer M, Villaverde A, Vázquez E, Mangues R, Alba-Castellón L, León X

Self-assembling protein nanocarrier for selective delivery of cytotoxic polypeptides to CXCR4

Acta Pharm Sin B May 2022, 12 (5) 2578-2591. Epub 14 Oct 2021
Loco-regional recurrences and distant metastases represent the main cause of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) mortality. The overexpression of chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) in HNSCC primary tumors associates with higher risk of developing loco-regional recurrences and distant metastases, thus making CXCR4 an ideal entry pathway for targeted drug delivery. In this context, our group has generated the self-assembling protein nanocarrier T22-GFP-H6, displaying multiple T22 peptidic ligands that specifically target CXCR4. This study aimed to validate T22-GFP-H6 as a suitable nanocarrier to selectively deliver cytotoxic agents to CXCR4
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