Oncogenesis and Antitumor Drugs

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Our work focuses on the preclinical development of nanomedicines, which include protein-based self-assembled nanoparticles, and drug-nanoparticle conjugates, for therapy of solid tumors and hematological neoplasias.

All developments pursue their clinical translation and their transfer to the Biotech and Pharma industry. We especially target cancer stem cells that overexpress the chemokine receptor CXCR4, using a targeted drug delivery approach that selectively eliminates these cells, leading to a blockade of metastatic dissemination. Depending on the tumor type, we chemically conjugate small drugs or toxins, or incorporate cytotoxic polypeptides as payloads, to the protein nanocarrier. Using this strategy, we have demonstrated potent prevention of metastasis development and regression of established metastases in colorectal cancer models. We also demonstrated a potent blockade of dissemination in acute myeloid leukemia and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma models.


- Professor Antonio Villaverde, Nanobiotechnology Group. Department of Genetics and Applied Microbiology, Autonomous University of Barcelona


Ramon ManguesRamon ManguesGroup Leader
Isolda CasanovaLogo greenSenior Researcher
Ugutz UnzuetaLogo greenSenior Researcher
Patricia ÁlamoLogo greenPostdoctoral Investigator
Lorena AlbaLogo greenPostdoctoral Investigator
Victor PallarèsLogo greenPostdoctoral Investigator
Rita SalaLogo greenPhD Student
Aïda FalgàsLogo greenPhD Student
Esperanza MedinaLogo greenPhD Student
Elisa RiojaLogo greenPhD Student
Yaiza NúñezLogo greenPhD Student
Luis Miguel CarrascoLogo greenPhD Student
Annabel GarcíaLogo greenTechnician
Carlos NavasLogo greenTechnician

Current projects

Targeted Nanoparticle Combination for the Selective Kiling of Metastasis Stem Cells

Project leader:Ramon Mangues
Start date:01/01/2019
End date:31/12/2021

Targeted nanocongugates for the selective elimination of stem cells in disseminated

Project leader:Ramon Mangues
Start date:01/01/2016
End date:30/06/2020

Desarrollo de un nuevo medicamento selectivo con potente actividad antimetástatica (Nanotrac)

Project leader:Ramon Mangues
Start date:01/01/2018
End date:30/06/2021

Cancer Nanomedicine. From bench to bedsiteCA17140

Project leader:Ramon Mangues
Start date:01/01/2019
End date:30/12/2022

Humanized nanomedicines selectively killing CXCR4+ cancer cells for Acute Myeloid Leukemia therapy

Project leader:Jordi Sierra
Start date:01/04/2021
End date:30/03/2024