2023 March 21

The Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, first center accredited in Visum Spatial Transciptomics by 10x Genomics

The Single Cell unit of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute has received the seal of quality that accredits the institution as a reference center in Spain for the Visum Spatial Gene Expression technology, from the company 10x Genomics. The accreditation, has been formalized at the first 10x Genomics Spatial Symposium, organized jointly and which has taken place in the main building of the Josep Carreras Institute, at the Can Ruti campus in Badalona.

The Single Cell technology is the latest revolution in the functional analysis of cancer. Among its applications, the so-called Spatial Transcriptomics stands out, which makes it possible to know the activity of each of the cells that make up a tumor, without losing their three-dimensional context, highlighting the small differences between them and helping researchers to distinguish their functions and vulnerabilities. This is a complex and very new methodology, which requires specialized and accredited staff in its use.

The company 10x Genomics is the owner of the Visium Spatial Gene Expression system which, according to Daniela Grases, specialist of the Single Cell Unit of the Josep Carreras Institute, "presents a series of advantages, such as a larger tissue capture area and a less automated protocol, which allows a lower investment in machinery". With the certification by 10x Genomics, the Institute confirms its position as a leader and pioneer in the use of this system, one of the most advanced in the field. This will allow its Single Cell Unit to offer Spatial Transcriptomics services with the highest quality, both internally and externally, and to establish new international collaborations.

To formalize the accreditation, and launch the strategic agreement between the Josep Carreras Institute and 10x Genomics, the first 10x Genomics Spatial Symposium was held today in the Institute's auditorium, with top-level conferences by expert researchers, such as Dr. Manel Esteller, director of the Josep Carreras Institute, on how the use of these methodologies can help to extract information about how tumors grow and organize themselves.

In this sense, Dr. Esteller stated in the presentation of the symposium that "this technology will change the game in oncology research", a statement that was completed by Ms. Valentina Meneghin, Marketing Manager of 10x Genomics, anticipating that "this certification is the beginning of a lot of great experiments at the Josep Carreras Institute".

With these new technologies, researchers at the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute are closer to understanding key elements of cancer and leukemia that can lead to a new generation of more potent, selective drugs with fewer side effects.