2022 December 23

Five researchers from the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute have received Ramón y Cajal grants from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Sergi Cuartero, Elisabetta Mereu, Gregoire Stik, Oriol de Barrios and Lucas Pontel have been awarded with the prestigious Ramón y Cajal grants within the 2021 call from the spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI).

The Ramón y Cajal grants help to attract research talent in universities and research centers. These five-year grants guarantee that our researchers can continue developing their projects with the aim of finding new methods to fight leukemia.

Dr. Sergi Cuartero, Principal Investigator of the Transcriptional Dynamics in Leukemia group, will study the role of cohesin in the organization in 3D genome in acute myeloid leukemia to find molecular vulnerabilities that discover new therapeutic strategies to treat myeloid malignancies.

Dr. Elisabetta Mereu, Principal Investigator in the Cellular Systems Genomics group, will address inflammation in the genomics era from a Single Cell perspective to help understand the mechanisms of leukemia, allowing stratification of patients based on their molecular and cellular characteristics.

Dr. Gregoire Stik, Group Leader of the Nuclear Architecture in Leukemia laboratory, will focus his study on the role of the 3D organization of the genome in the leukemic phenotype and how chromosome translocation alters the organization of chromatin, with the aim of discovering new targets and biomedical applications for the treatment of lymphoid neoplasms.

Dr. Oriol de Barrios, postdoctoral researcher in the Lymphocyte Development and Disease group, will investigate epigenetic regulation in early lymphopoiesis to foster the development of precision medicine in B-cell malignancies.

Dr. Lucas Pontel will be established as principal investigator, focusing on understanding the role of cellular metabolism in the origin and progression of tumor processes.

The awarding of the Ramón y Cajal grants, within the State Program to Develop, Attract and Retain Talent of the State Research Agency, is to promote the incorporation of research personnel in Spanish R&D centers, so that they can acquire the skills and abilities that will enable them to obtain a stable position in a research organization of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation.


Sergi Cuartero: RYC2021-033018-I
Elisabetta Mereu: RYC2021-032359-I
Gregoire Stik: RYC2021-032384-I
Lucas Pontel: RYC2021-032395-I