2020 June 25

26th June, next Distinguished Lectures by Laurence Zitvogel and Guido Kroemer.

Laurence Zitvogel and Guido Kroemer, from the Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, will give the next Distinguished Lectures of the Josep Carreras Institute, that will be held online as webinars on Friday 26th at 12:00 CEST.

"DAMPs and MAMPs regulate the delicate balance of tolerance in intestinal epithelial cells" by Dr. Laurence Zitvogel, and "Immunogenic stress and death of malignant cells in antineoplastic therapies," by Dr. Guido Kroemer, are the next Distinguished Lectures of the Josep Carreras Institute. 

Laurence Zitvogel is the Scientific Director of the Immuno-Oncology Program at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center. Her expertise focuses mainly on dendritic cells, innate effector biology, and relevance during tumor development, as well as exosome-based vaccine designs. Dr. Zitvogel has pioneered the concept of immunogenic cell death and shown that chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and inhibitors of tyrosine kinase mediate their tumoricidal activity, at least partly, through the immune system. 

Guido Kroemer is the Director of the Metabolomics and Cell Biology platforms of the Gustave Roussy Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has explored the fine mechanisms of mitochondrial cell death control, the molecular pathways that explain the inhibition of cell death in cancer cells, upstream of or at the level of mitochondria, and the mechanisms that make cancer cell death immunogenic. His work has had far-reaching implications for the comprehension, detection, and therapeutic manipulation of cellular demise.  

Due to COVID-19, this seminar, hosted by Manel Esteller, will be held online here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/636133855000280336. As an Open Webinar, it's free and available for everybody.