24 Febrer 2021 10:00 - 25 Febrer 2021 17:00
Online Course

Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics of Haematological Neoplasms

This 2-day course is primarily intended for practicing haematologists, pathologists or cytogeneticists with main specific interest in myeloid neoplasms. The course will focus on the basis and application of current and new genetic techniques in haematological neoplasms.


Please find the program here: 



There is a limit of 6 attendees per course.

The course is sponsored by a grant from Celgene International (a Brystol Myers Squibb company). 

Dates for 2021:

13/01/2021 & 14/01/2021

24/02/2021 & 25/02/2021

24/03/2021 & 25/03/2021


Francesc Solé, PhD

Mar Mallo, PhD


The 2021 edition will be virtual due to the COVID19 global health crisis. 

Contact and registration

For registration, please fill in the pre-registration data sheet: https://www.carrerasresearch.org/registration_165955.pdf and contact to Mar Mallo (mmallo@carrerasresearch.org).

If there are more applications than vacancies, a selection will be made according to applicant’s background.