17 de novembre de 2016

Antoni Comín i Oliveres the Catalan Minister for Health had visit Campus ICO-Germans Trias i Pujol

Professor Evarist Feliu, President of the Management Commission and Dr Francesc Solé, Scientific Director of the ICO-GTiP Campus have attended a meeting with Antoni Comín i Oliveres the Catalan Minister for Health

The Minister was visiting the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute, which is the institution coordinating research on the Can Ruti Campus, to learn more about the world-class research being carried out thereand to visit the two new buildings on the site, including the new Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC) building.

Representatives of the IJC joined the Director of the IGTP, Dr Manel Puig, senior managers from the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, directors of research institutes on the campus and many senior scientists from the 9 areas of health research at the IGTP, which includes the leukaemia research being carried out at the IJC.

Dr Puig outlined the impressive trajectory of the IGTP since its foundation in 1983 and its association with the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2002. He stressed the fact that despite having the highest ratios of publications per scientist in the country the IGTP still needs to reach a critical mass to be both effective and sustainable. He explained the move towards coordinated actions under the banner of Campus Can Ruti and the importance of all the research institutes on the campus. The director emphasised the contribution of the IJC to the research effort and the huge investment that the new building represents. He confirmed his belief that the IJC is a truly international project and that its expansion on the campus, along with the opening of the new Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bio-imaging (CMC), which is also nearing the completion of construction, will represent an important step up for Campus Can Ruti.

Antoni Comín congratulated the researchers for their efforts and described Campus Can Ruti as one of the five poker aces in health research in Catalonia. He told those present that the new funding plan PERIS is designed to reinforce biomedical research of this type, as the health system here is outstanding in nearly every aspect except for sufficient financing.

Professor Feliu and Dr Solé joined the Minister and a small party then visited various facilities of the IGTP and then the new building of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, from where they could view the almost finished façade of the CMC. Mr Comín described the latter as a structure of the state, a vital asset for research not only in Spain but also in Europe.