Clara Bueno

Position at Josep Carreras Institute:

Associate Investigator


+34 935 572 810Laboratori Institut Josep Carreras (IJC)
Ala Sud, Sector 2, Planta 4
Facultat de Medicina Universitat de Barcelona
C. Casanova 143
08036 Barcelona

Fax (+34) 93 323 1751

Campus Clinic-UB


I have accumulated 13 years of experience in hematology-oncology, and stem cell development. I was trained in hematology-oncology at the University of Salamanca by Prof. Alberto Orfao and Prof. Jesus San Miguel. After my thesis dissertation, I was trained in the field of immunology for 4 years in the laboratory of Prof. Joaquim Madrenas at Robarts Research Institute, London, Ontario. After more than a year in the Department of experimental hematology and etiology of pediatric leukemias at Institute of Cancer Research in London (UK) led by Professor Mel Greaves, I returned to Spain in 2007. In recent years I have focused my interest in studies aimed at deciphering mechanisms involved in embryonic / fetal origin of the infant pro-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia MLL-AF4. I have more than 70 peer-review publications in journals such as J Clin Invest, Blood, J Exp Med, Immunity, J Immunol, Circulation Res, Leukemia, Stem Cells, Mol Therapy, Cell Res etc. accumulating more than 1200 citations. Currently I´m  41 years old and I have been junior PI for the las three years,  I have Factor-H  23. 

PhD in Medicine, University of Salamanca, Spain (2002)

BSc in Biology, University of Salamanca, Spain (1997)

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