Samanta Zanetti

Position at Josep Carreras Institute:

Postdoctoral Investigator


+34 935 572 810Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute Laboratory
School of Medicine, University of Barcelona
Carrer Casanova 143, 4th floor, South Wing
Barcelona 08036. Spain

Campus Clinic-UB


Marie Curie Fellow (April 2018 - present)

Assistant Researcher of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina (2012-Present)

Postdoc in Immunology (2009-2012). National Academy of Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PhD in Biochemistry (2008). National University of the South. Argentina

Degree in Biochemistry (2001). National University of the South. Argentina


My current project aims to development of bispecific Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) that might improve CD19 CAR-T cell therapy for r/r B-ALL, and in particular dismal MLLrB-ALL, by reducing single-Ag immune pressure and thus preventing relapse-resistance by overcoming escape mechanisms such as the loss of CD19 expression, and to address in vitro and in vivo the contribution of the leukemia microenvironment to CAR-T cell efficacy, as a potential tumor microenvironment (PD1/PD1L)- mediated indirect mechanism of immune escape to CAR T-cells.