2017 January 25

The IJC Joint Leaders of a Project to Write New Guidelines for Diagnosis of MDS

Grant from the Grupo Español de Síndromes Mielodisplásicos (GESMD)

The Spanish Mielodysplastic Syndromes Group have financed the IJC MDS Research Group to write the proposal guidelines for applying Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques to the diagnosis and follow-up of patients. The joint leaders are Dr Francesc Solé of the IJC and Dr Esperanza Such from the Hospital la Fe in Valencia. Other centres from Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona and Salamanca are also participating. The recommendations will include a description of the main technical facilities available and guidelines on filtering and analysing results. The group will also design a common panel of genes to test all patients in a common diagnostic protocol. Finally they will draft instructions on reporting results.

Dr Solé has also been appointed Vice-President of the Spanish MDS Group (GESMD).

Link to http://www.gesmd.es/en/