2015 March 4

Phase 1 of the new building is well underway

After the successful preparation of the site and the construction of the foundations and vertical supports Phase 0 finished on time.

Phase 1 is now underway as planned to prepare the building and the basic service installations of the 4-storey building.  The construction work is being carried out by HCR Construction and the services will be installed by the Agefred Group. The work started on 15 January 2015 and is projected to finish in June 2016.

The large building will accommodate various spaces for scientists, support staff and also for use by the community on the Can Ruti Campus, such as the dining room and auditorium. All these common spaces will be on one level, making security for the rest of the building easier to manage.

Phase 1 will also include some structural elements such as the bridge at first floor level to the IMPPC and the structure that covers the atrium.  The project uses the latest technology and modern materials to resolve complex problems of providing maximum light and ventilation with an attractive design while maintaining maximum comfort, safety and sustainability.

The laboratory spaces will be modular to allow maximum flexibility at the moment of assigning laboratory space at the start, but also when laboratories grow or adapt in size.  In a modern scientific facility you can't predict the needs over the next 20 years and flexible but strong structures are the key to constructing a building of maximum efficiency over a long period of time.