Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to carry out research into the basic, epidemiological, preventive, clinical and translational aspects of leukemia and other hematologic malignancies.


The vision of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute is that research will identify new therapeutic targets and enable us to develop more precise and less aggressive treatments.  We aspire to understanding the origin and development of leukemias and other malignant hematological pathologies in order to be able to prevent them.  We will work for a future in which all leukemias will be curable.



We take inspiration from the example Josep Carreras and the professionals he sought to set up the institute that bears his name


We use all contributions, whether private or public, in the most efficient way, by simplifying administrative processes and reducing costs peripheral to our central mission


We will leverage all possible synergies, promote collaboration and teamwork and contribute to the public understanding of leukemia


We aim to attract, foster and create talent


We will continue our journey until all leukemias can be cured


We will preserve the dignity and respect the rights of everybody interacting with the institute and especially all those collaborating with our project. Our work is only as strong as the patients and families participating, our sponsors and our employees