La Caixa


Fundación Bancaria Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona, "la Caixa", is a  social, non-profit institution. Its founding objectives were to  contribute to the development of the area, avoid financial exclusion,  foster saving and investment and carry out social action to the benefit  of citizens as a whole. Thus, the social vocation of "la Caixa" is an  essential part of its legal structure. From its earliest days, over a  hundred years ago, "la Caixa" has been characterised by its strong  social commitment and definitive vocation to work for the general  interest, both through Welfare Projects and in its financial activity.  The financial operations of "la Caixa" have helped make financial  integration a reality and to assist the economic and social progress of  the country. At the same time, Welfare Projects finances and promotes  social, educational, cultural and scientific activities.

This special sensitivity of "la Caixa" towards society is reflected  in the recent launch of initiatives that seek to provide an answer to  some of the most pressing problems of society today: promotion of  accessible housing, granting of microloans, prevention of dependence,  encouragement of volunteer work, the integration of immigrants and the  conservation of the environment. All this reinforces the desire of "la  Caixa" to strengthen its social commitment and so take new and firm  measures to cover social needs.