2019 August 28

Jordi Petriz elected Scientist Innovator by Thermo Fisher Scientific

The biotechnology multinational, Thermo Fisher Scientific has chosen Dr. Jordi Petriz, head of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute's functional cytometry group as scientific innovator for his research as a pioneer in the study of normal and cancerous stem cells, as well as in the field of resistance to chemotherapy.

Thermo Fisher, a world-leading company at the service of research, with more than 70,000 employees around the world and a turnover of more than $24 billion, made this announcement public in July. The “Meet the Innovators” programme aims to highlight how scientists are inspired through their research and how their interest in research was born.

The accolade was made official during a personal interview that has recently been published on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s website, which you can read here in English. How did he move from the telescope to the microscope? What is the best advice for colleagues who devote themselves to biomedical research? These are some of the questions covered during the conversation which also touches on the origin of Petriz’s vocation and aspects of his personal and professional career that have led him to his present position. The interview also covers such issues as the current state of the research he is undertaking with his team at the Josep Carreras Institute, as well as his commitment to continue working in research, and to improve the procedures and technology of research.