2014 December 10

IJC Scientists attend the prestigious 56th Meeting of the American Society of Hematology

This year six scientists from the Institute participated in the prestigious annual meeting for the American Society of Hematology, which has 18,000 members

Scientists from the institute attended the meeting, displayed scientific poster sessions and gave talks at this year's ASH conference in San Francisco, California.

The meeting is a world reference for hematology and diseases of the blood. Those attending and displaying posters were: Dr Tomás Navarro; Dr José Maria Ribera; Dr Blanca Xicoy; Dr Francesc Solé, who gave a talk in one of the sessions, Dr Maria Joao Baptista, Laura Palomo and Vera Ademà. Jordi Ribera also displayed a poster.

Scientists from different research institutions travelled across the world to take part. Scientific conferences are an essential way for researchers to hear about new research developments, make contacts and strengthen collaborations.

See the Meeting Newspaper here (in English)