2015 November 1

Dr. Navarro, member of the European Hematology Association (EHA) Curriculum Committee and director of the European Hematology Exam

The task of the European Hematology Association (EHA) Curriculum Committee is to carry out projects and activities relating to the European Hematology Curriculum. A further task is to advise the EHA in all matters concerning this curriculum. The committee has a director (professor Cheng-Hock Toh) and 6 members.
In the immediate future this committee will establish the lines to be followed by the working groups that are drawing up European exam projects in the field of hematology and bringing the current European curriculum up to date.
The European Hematology exam is one of the projects the EHA is most interested in in the near future. The working group in charge of carrying out the project is chaired by Dr. Navarro and there are six members. The European exam consists of hematology specialists agreeing to a voluntary evaluation whereby they can be awarded a certificate accrediting that their knowledge in the field of hematology meets the standards set by the EHA curriculum. The purpose of this is to foster the harmonisation of European hematology and facilitate professional mobility between the countries of Europe. In effect it is a step forward in the attempt to ensure that European citizens are provided with the same standards of health care regardless of where they live.