2014 December 15

Donation of a new DNA and RNA Extraction Robot by Promega

Promega Biotech Ibérica SL. have generously donated a sophisticated machine to automate DNA and RNA extraction in the IJC campus Clínic-UB

DNA and RNA extraction are essential preparation steps required for scientists to study the information coded in these molecules within cells. Traditionally, this work has been done painstakingly by hand by laboratory staff. The number of experiments and samples is often limited by how many pairs of hands were available to prepare the samples for analyses.

The Maxwell® Rapid Sample Concentrator (RSC) Instrument is an automated nucleic acid purification system; it works by using robotics to process up to 16 samples at a time. The reagents it needs to carry out the process come in pre-prepared cartridges, which saves even more time and makes it more accurate. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use and the machine produces information about quality and quantity in one report.

The first group to start using this machine is the Stem cells, mesenchymal cancer and development group, led by Pablo Menéndez. The group studies the information coded in the cells that give rise to different blood cells to see how stem cells that start the same can develop into the many very different cells in the blood. By studying the normal mechanisms they will be able to understand how the process goes wrong when the cells turn cancerous. The Maxwell® RSC Instrument will speed up this work and produce more accurate results.